Villa Fence

Villa Fence

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Villa fence are mainly used in high grade community, garden and villa. Villa fence are derive from Germany, the original name is Dirickk Alix Fence. In China, we call it peach post fence.

Villa fence are consist of peach post and bending fence panel. The fence structure is close, has a perfect decorative effect and anti-theft. It can be widely used in many industries.

Villa fence character: streamlined appearance, environmental protection, fashion, There are more than 200 kinds of color you can choose. Villa fence can satisfy the requirement of different areas, different surroundings, and different aesthetic persons.

Villa Fence Application:

Dark Green Villa Fence

Dark Green Villa Fence BY-1

Blue Villa Fence

Blue Villa Fence BY-2

Green Villa Fence

Green Villa Fence BY-3

Red Villa Fence

Red Villa Fence BY-4

Villa Fence Common Specification:

Material: Q195 low carbon steel wire
Diameter: 4.5——6mm
Hole size: 50×100 mm;50×150mm;100×200mm
height: 1200mm——2450mm width: 2500mm、3000mm

Black Villa Fence

Black Villa Fence BY-5

Yellow Villa Fence

Yellow Villa Fence BY-6